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If you want to change the IAS_Admin password, you need to delete the <credentials> line associated with ias_admin in the jazn_data.xml file. However, you would need to shut down the EMWebsite prior to doing this.

.Edit the following file and locate the line that defines the credentials property for use the ias_admin user:


The following example shows the section of jazn-data.xml with the credentials entry in boldface type:


2.Remove the entire line that contains the <credentials> property from jazn-data.xml.

3.Enter the following command from DOS Command window:

%ORACLE_HOME%\bin\emctl set password reset <new password>

The steps outlined in the previous lines work, BUT you have to reboot the machine in order for you to pick up the new password. You can’t simply stop/restart the server, because when you try that, it will ask you for the ias_admin password. But a shutdown/restart will work. Been there and survived!

Actually, you can do an emctl restart since emctl stop asks for the password, but start and restart do not

Be happy administrator

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Minh Tran