Multiple ORACLE_HOME on same machine

Posted: November 23, 2008 in HowTo, Oracle, Tips
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We can install different oracle versions on same machine like Oracle 8i,9i or 10g. Also, we can create multiple database/instance on a single machine but remember to name them differently, for  example: db1,db2,db3 and so on. When name them like that, we avoid conflicting installing them on our single machine.

Suppose we planned to install oracle 8i,9i or 10g on same machine then we need to set oracle enviourment variable to point LATEST VERSION. Like this one:

After that, we can configure LISTENER.ORA we use for three different version. There is two option for this.
First one: create separate listener.ora file for each version like

  1. listener with default port(1521)
  2. listener1 with separate port
  3. listener2 with separate port


Second one: use only one listener.ora file for all three oracle homes. To do so, please follow following instructions:
1. Stop listener services of Oracle 8i,9i database
2. create listener.ora file for 10g. and edit 10g listener.ora file then do configure for oracle 8i or 9i database like below:







So please enjoy,

Minh Tran

  1. good sharing. I want to add one tip. When we are using more than 1 Oracle home and install different version of Oracle. It is better keep listener in most highest version and keep it live only. Using that single listener we can connect to multiple oracle (test environment). When we are talking about production then keep single listener to single oracle version. Because when we are going to upgrade single oracle version then we should not need to down another oracle version listener and database. We can upgrade it without touching another database/listener and keep it live.

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